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VSX configuration output interface

output of interface vsx :

hello evry body 

can someone explain to me why i have difference IP in output between the two commande in the same FW For the same interface alos

in the same CHASSIS

when i use show configuration i see this output for the interface eth3-01.403 

set interface eth3-01.403 state on
set interface eth3-01.403 mtu 1500
set interface eth3-01.403 ipv4-address mask-length 28

and when i use show interface eth3-01.403 i see the different IP .


show interface eth3-01.403
state on
mac-addr 00:4c:7f:85:c3:9c
type vlan
link-state not available
instance 35
mtu 1500
auto-negotiation Not configured
speed 10G (eth3-01)
ipv6-autoconfig Not configured
duplex full (eth3-01)
monitor-mode Not configured
link-speed Not configured
ipv6-address Not Configured

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