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VSX VR (Virtual Router) high CPU on R80.30 (3.10) T155

It's been a while since I have worked with VRs (probably R67 VSX..) so need to ask some opinions regarding virtual router CPU resources. We just retired our "jumbo jet" 41k chassis in favour of 26k appliance. Actual upgrade went flawlessly despite the complexity: R76SP50 VSX > R80.30, HW and SW upgrade, introducing VR for inter-VS traffic.

But now I'm facing a challenge with CPU consumption on the newly introduced virtual router. It seems to be single threaded and already is chewing nearly 100% CPU:



I couldn't find any means of enabling multithreading on it.

It runs under 10Gbps traffic combined on all interfaces


And that's only at 1/3 of regular traffic due to Corona limitations.

Any ideas if there's anything we can do about it?

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