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VSX R80.40 - Remote access and RADIUS

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I've been configuring remote access on VSX R80.40 with the latest GA Take. Both TLS portal and Mobile clients work with username/password, and I've been following the various documentations to configure RADIUS authentication.

However as soon as I try with RADIUS authentication set, it immediately fails with "1st factor RADIUS - Server not responding". 

In $FWDIR/log/vpnd.elg, there is the message that no RADIUS servers are responding. The thing is that I don't see any logs or fw monitor which show any RADIUS packets being sent by the VS, a tcpdump on the RADIUS server doesn't either. In terms of connectivity, it's all good, ping from the VS to the RADIUS goes through another VS and there it works.

If I switch back to username/password (provided by Identity Collector), it works immediately.

I'm probably missing something here, any hint would be appreciated.

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