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VSX ClusterXL Bridge Mode

Hi Guys,

I have some clarifications, I have somehow successfully configured my VSX setup but I have some questions and I am not sure if the one that I configured is the correct way to do it.

My requirements are the following;

- 2x VSX Gateway in Cluster XL Active/Standby

- 4x Virtual Systems

- Allow multiple VLANs in each virtual systems

- All virtual systems cluster state should be active in just 1x member of the VSX gateway and the other will be on standby.

Currently, I set my physical interfaces to non-trunk (meaning I did not checked the VLAN Trunking option). So far, I can see traffic from my different VLANs. Is this the correct way to configure the interface or do I need to specify the VLAN in the interface (which means I need to check the VLAN Trunking option)? 

If this is the correct way by not checking the VLAN Trunking option in the physical interfaces, how does the Check Point knows that the traffic coming in is from VLAN X or VLAN Y then how will the firewall know that the traffic should go out to VLAN X or VLAN Y?

I searched already over the internet and Check Point support site but I cannot see any documents that explains this scenario.

Also, multi-bridge is not an option because it only supports in Active/Active and not in Active/Standby failover.




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