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VRRP not receiving traffic (lab)

Hoping someone might have some inspiration and point out an obvious thing I am doing wrong. 

I am going to be doing some work for a customer soon where I will be deploying an active/active VRRP cluster with 2 x VRIDs for each interface. So for each VRID in each subnet, FW1 will be master for one VRID and FW2 will be master for the second VRID. 

I am labbing this up so I am more familiar with VRRP as it's been a while and I have a very simple lab. 

R77.30.03 Management Server in VM (

Windows Server VM (

FW1 (R77.30)

FW2 (R77.30)


I have configured VRRP monitored circuit with FW1 as priority 100 and FW2 with priority 95. I just want to get basic HA working for now in the lab. 

If I run show vrrp summary, I can see that FW1 is master for all the interfaces and FW2 is backup. From the windows server, I can ping the individual interfaces on the firewalls but not the VIP. I have the VIP set as the default gateway for the windows server and I am unable to reach beyond the firewall and i do not see the traffic in the logs or on a tcpdump. The windows server is resolving the MAC address for the backup gateway address.

I have attached a visio to illustrate. 

If anyone has got any ideas I would be very greatful. 

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