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VPN Stability Issue

Hi All,

We have a VPN tunnel between R80.10 to R65 Checkpoint devices. The VPN is not stable, we ran the debug during the issue and found that the R65 device is Deleting the Negotiation for Phase 1 at first few times and then it accepts and create the SA.

NegotiationTable::NegotiationUpdated: Updating indices for: 
NegotiationTable::DeleteNegotiation: Invoked for:

>The debug logs from R80.10 says the below:

NegotiationTable::MatchPeerMethodsIDs: No match found.
NegotiationTable::MatchPeerP1Neg: No match found.
However, after few negotiation it will come up automatically. Is there any know limitations in R65?
Thanks in Advance.
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