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VLAN subinterface not participating in HA

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Have an issue with VLAN subinterfaces not participating in HA.

R80.10, HW 6500 qty 2 running in active/active

I've got 3 VLAN subinterfaces on eth1-04: 




Prior to yesterday, eth1-04.200 and eth1-04.300 were the only existing subinterfaces and they both were participating in HA.   Yesterday, I set up new VLAN subinterface eth1-04.500 in Gaia and as a Cluster interfaces in FW gateway object, etc.

Afterwards, eth1-04.500 was not showing up in HA at either command line or in SmartConsole "Gateways & Servers". 

Decided to go ahead and individually reboot the two enforcement points as a hopefully simple way to clear that up, and they had been up for a long time so wanted to refresh anyway.  

Afterwards, eth1-04.500 did begin to show up in HA, but then eth1-04.300 stopped showing up in HA.  Further reboot and policy pushes do not change this.

Here is cphaprob -a if from one gateway:

[Expert@chw_pbx_bbfw1:0]# cphaprob -a if

Required interfaces: 4
Required secured interfaces: 1

Sync UP sync(secured), multicast
bond41 UP non sync(non secured), multicast, bond Load Sharing
eth1-04 UP non sync(non secured), multicast (eth1-04.500)
eth1-04 UP non sync(non secured), multicast (eth1-04.200)

Virtual cluster interfaces: 4


Any idea what happened?


Q (Quentin)


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