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Using an application object breaks the automatic redirection to the captive portal


I'm facing an issue with the firewall's captive portal

This is my rules




Everything works : unauthenticated users are automatically redirected to the captive portal when they try to surf on the Internet

But if I had a rule like this : 


Webex / Teams / Zoom are working fine but the automatic redirection to the captive portal stop working and the user's packets are dropped by the rule 69.141...

The log of a dropped packet

Id: b161f674-b77b-d1ed-60ae-319e00000012
Marker: @A@@B@1622024052@C@1200369
Log Server Origin:
Time: 2021-05-26T11:31:43Z
Interface Direction: outbound
Interface Name: eth1-02.3
Connection Direction: Outgoing
Id Generated By Indexer: false
First: true
Sequencenum: 45
Service ID: https
Source Port: 50147
Destination Port: 443
IP Protocol: 6
Xlate (NAT) Source IP:
Xlate (NAT) Source Port: 11288
Xlate (NAT) Destination Port:0
NAT Rule Number: 234
NAT Additional Rule Number: 0
Security Inzone: Trust
Security Outzone: Untrust
Context Num: 1
Action: Drop
Type: Connection
Policy Name: GHdC-Policy
Policy Management: SRVFWMGTND01
Db Tag: {B228AF78-7477-BD4F-9C40-CD6F2B61C40D}
Policy Date: 2021-05-26T09:51:51Z
Blade: Firewall
Origin: FW-EXT-B
Service: TCP/443
Product Family: Access
Logid: 0
Access Rule Name: Sub-Policy Trust-->Untrust Cleanup rule
Access Rule Number: 69.141
Policy Rule UID: 05a00e14-75ca-4b85-bb0a-6994640b919e
Layer Name: GHdC-Policy Trust_to_Untrust_sub_policy
Interface: eth1-02.3
Description: https Traffic Dropped from to

Do you know why the redirection is not working anymore ?


Thanks !

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