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Upgrading 75.20 to 75.30 (Yes, I know, I know....)

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DISCLAIMER: I am not here to argue about whether anyone in the right mind should be using R75 in 2020.  

Hey All,

Doing an upgrade for a customer to R80.40 and we need to build a lab replication of their gateway infrastructure.  They are still running some R75.30 boxes.  We are using GNS3 to replicate their environment and have been able to setup R75.20 gateways without issue.

However, we can't seem to get the R75.20 VMs to upgrade to R75.30 using the hotfix.  We made sure there were licenses on the VMs and that still did not work.

The error is:

Your Check Point R75.30 is not compatible with this HF installation.

Does anyone know any way to force the R75.30 hotfix to install?

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