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Upgrade Gateway R77.30 to R80.20 with cpuse: Issue on server return packet

Hi @All,

I want to share an issue to see if anyone has ever encountered the same.

When I upgraded my r77.30 gateway to r80.20 (with CPUSE),  server packets return do not cross my firewall.

Here is a diagram which details the issue:

Client ------ eth1-GW-eth2 ------ Server

when I do a fw monitor on my gateway GW, I see icmp request from Client that enter on eth1 and go out eth2. But no icmp reply on eth2.

When I do a tcpdump on my gateway GW I see icmp request from Client that on eth1 and eth2. AND i see icmp reply on eth2.

When i do "fw ctl zdebug drop | grep IP_Client or IP_Server I don't see any drop packet.

(Same things for tcp packets)

Thanks for your lights.




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