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Unable to set MQ on more than 10 cores R80.30 T215 2.16 kernel

I was trying to add two more MQ cores to my 23800 VSX cluster (10>12) but after increasing ixgbe core count and reboot, one of 5 interfaces that had MQ configured before would remain on "Pending ON" state


cpmq set rx_num ixgbe 12




[Expert@vsx:0]# cpmq get -a

Active ixgbe interfaces:
eth2-01 [On]
eth2-02 [Off]
eth2-03 [On]
eth2-04 [Pending On]
eth3-01 [On]
eth3-02 [On]

Non-Active ixgbe interfaces:
eth4-01 [Off]
eth4-02 [Off]
eth4-03 [Off]
eth4-04 [Off]



even it says clearly that ixgbe should support 16 cores in the performance tuning admin guide



But then from command line it shows 10! 


[Expert@vsx:0]# cpmq get rx_num ixgbe
The rx_num for ixgbe is: 10



Ouch! Anyone knows if I can get more than 10 on 2.16 kernel R80.30? Is it a bug or wrong documentation

Just noticed that there is override option, has anyone tried it?



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