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Unable to remove a VTI interface from the firewall

Hi All,

I am currently facing an issue when trying to remove a vpn tunnel (VTI) used for a route based vpn.

The infrastructure is based on a R80.30 cluster and I was able to remove this VTI on the standby node.

The only difference between the 2 nodes is related to how the static routes were tested on the active node during the S2S VPN route based setup:


set static-route NETWORK nexthop gateway logical vpntX on


The message I get when trying to remove it as below:

delete vpn tunnel X

"VpntErr0005 There is a static or default route by name for interface vpntX"


I have tried putting the static route back with nexthop address, disable the route, disable the interface, but



Stuck on this and really would appreciate any idea. Maybe a way to remove this interface  from the expert mode?!?!



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