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Two Layers - Order rule issues

Hi Checkmaters.

I had a very strange problem. I have a firewall policy with two layers, one for firewall rules and other for app control and url filtering. (layer.jpeg)

The CleanUp rule in the second layer is Accept. (cleanup_accept.jpeg)

A specific traffic was being accepted in the cleanup rule, but it was intermittent, sometimes working, sometimes not. (cleanup_accept_log.jpeg).

In a desperate attempt to solve the problem, I created a specific rule in the top of the second layer to deal with this traffic. For my surprise, the problem was solved, the traffic worked perfectly. (specific_rule.jpeg and specific_rule_log.jpeg)

What happened? I have no idea! Has anyone had this problem? Do you have any idea why this happened?

Thank you!

PS: version R80.30, take 111.


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