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Traffic to secondary member of ClusterXL is dropped using VxLan

I have the following:


<Site1 ClusterXL> <---------Site2Site IpSec Tunnel ------------> <Site 2 ClusterXL>

Member1-Site1:                                                    Member1-Site2:

Member2-Site2:                                                    Member2-Site2:

VIP:                                                                                VIP:




Site 2 Site Tunnel 1 Encryption Domain: Site1 has a Cluster VIP here of

Site 2 Site Tunnel 2 Encryption Domain: Site2 has a Cluster VIP here of




Across that IPSEC tunnel I have a Checkpoint Native VxLan interface pointed at back at the opposite cluster:

Member1-Site1:                                                    Member1-Site1:

Member1-Site1:                                                    Member2-Site2:

VxLan VIP Site1:                                                               VxLan VIP Site2:

Remote addr:                                                                  Remote addr:



I then have a route from Site1: route via

And a route from Site2 back: route via


This works perfectly. I can reach all hosts on or from either side - except for traffic headed to the standby member in the ClusterXL on the destination net.



Can anyone shed light on why this might be the case?




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