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Threat Emulation Environment selection of Images - issue

Dear All,

One of our customer have TE1000x dedicated appliance in Gaia R77.30. Mgmt server in R80.10 with Clusters as well.

Since no internet connectivity for TE Appliance - we have manually downloaded the images (WinXP,Win7 etc) and followed as per sk92509.

Engine version is fine, with tecli show advanced downloads images - Image status shows "READY".

In TEAppliance Object_GeneralProperties_under ThreatEmulation Tab_Advanced - Under Image management - we could see the manually downloaded images (attaching screenshot).

We have TE Policy_Custom_Optimized.
Under this Profile -ThreatEmulation_Advanced -Emulation Environment - Unable to see manual images.

ted is fine. No update failure on TEengine.

Got Tracker log error: Emulation ended with errors:File was not emulated on some of the operating systems. reason: File emulation is configured to emulate on the Recommended Environment. The Recommended Environment is not available because it is downloading or initializing

No luck even after installing TP policy on TE Appliance.

Any idea to help out.

Regards, Prabulingam.N

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