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Sync Bond issue during VSX upgrade


I'm currently trying to upgrade our (fortunately not yet productive) VSX environment from 80.20 to 80.30 via "Connectivity Upgrade".

Unfortunately I ran into an issue, that causes me some pain and I don't know how to proceed.


Following situation:

The both VSX Gateways are connected via Sync-Bond (bond2 - two direct cables running between them, no switches involved).

After I followed the instructions from "Installation an Upgrade Guide R80.30" for "Connectivity Upgrade of a VSX Cluster" until step 4, where I upgraded the standby member to R80.30 via clish CPUSE. At that moment, I realised that the status of the members is not as expected.

As far as I understood, the primary member should stay "ACTIVE", whereas the upgraded one should go in a "READY" state.

In my case, they seem to have lost the sync between them, so both sides are now active:


Member 1 (not upgraded):


Member 2 (upgraded):


If I check the "cphaprob -a if" on the members, I see some strange behavior. Member 1 is constantly transitioning from up to down:


If you repeat the command in short intervals, you see the timer going up to 5 seconds, then suddenly the status changes to following:


And the next iteration is "DOWN" again.

On the other member (upgraded) the status is constantly at "Inbound: UP  - Outbound: DOWN"

The cabling was left untouched, the bond config seems OK on both sides.


I'm not sure how to proceed further. I considered this as a connectivity-upgrade test before everything goes into production, but in that case it failed completely... 


Any help is appreciated 🙂

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