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Static NAT for an entire network object - why does this work?


I don't understand why/how the following scenario works.

SMS is R81.10, Gateway is R80.40

I can set a Static NAT IP for a network object and can successfully install policy.

eg. setting STATIC NAT IP on the network A-INT_NET (

static nat applied.jpeg












In NAT rulebase  - rule no 10 appears

nat rulebase.jpg



Traffic to outside works for 2 hosts on that network. (I also have a second hide NAT that's made in pfsense above the lab environment)

Even weirder is that CKP logs shows succesful Source NAT, but not with .2 as in the rule, but with .204 which I don't even know where it appeared from. The Gateway's IP is

The virtual router above CKP lab doesn't have DHCP server active so that .204 IP couldn't have come from that.



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