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Slow data transfers

Does anyone know a way to determine where a bottleneck is with data transfer speeds?

In my particular scenario I have a 6400 appliance on one site, and a Spark 1570 (locally managed) on the other site.  Both sites have 1Gb ISP circuits.  There's a VPN between the gateways which is used for one machine at each side to communicate.  (Veeam backup replication from site 1 to site 2).  Both firewalls capable of far exceeding the limiting 1Gbps ISP speed.

We started off getting around 200mb transfer rate.

After excluding this traffic from all threat blades on the 6400, and adding the IP's to fw ctl fast_accel, and disabling the treat blades on the Spark, we're now up to around 450mb transfer speeds.  Still a far cry from what we'd expect.  How can I determine what's slowing it down?

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