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Sizing for Video Streaming


I have a question regarding adding a new traffic to a existing Checkpoint Infrastructure. My customer have 2 Checkpoint 12600 appliances with one VSX instance in each appliance (HA Architecture). They have an average og 600Mbps passing through the firewall with peaks of 800Mbps. They want to add a 100Mbps video streaming (TV channel) traffic to the exisiting traffic, 24x7 streaming HD video.

How can I know if the firewalls will support the new traffic? 

Thinks to take ito account:

1) My customer wants to stay with the HA configuracion, no VSLS.

2) They want to create a new VS instance only for this traffic.

3) The traffic will just flow in one direction (Internet to a server protected my Checkpoint) will this be a problem for the Firewall?

4) Currently the node with the Active VS has this performance: 55% CPU utilization, 50% Memory Utilization.

5) Only the firewall blade is active, no IPSm no URL Filtering, etc.

Another question that I have is: Why is the 12600 in that high utilization with just 800Mbps traffic when the datasheet says that it can suppot till 14Gbps with just Firewall activited?

Thanks a lot for your help!

P.S.: I'm attaching the performace report we extracted form the CPView DB.

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