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SNMP CPU load on VSX

Hi All,

We have a customer with VSX which is using SNMP to monitor the load on virtual systems.

He configured CPU per vs and below is a graph of the CPU load on a virtual system with only one firewall instance.

All virtual system can use all the CPU's on the appliance (except the SND CPU's).

Customer has the feeling the CPU load is never above 15%. Even if the firewall is under load during a nightly backup job going through this gateway.

Is 15% within SNMP a 100% load on the gateway? How is this calculated? The virtual system does not have a real CPU, but just a firewall instance attached. Is the percentage in SNMP the real load on a CPU?

And what about virtual system with multi firewall instances. Is the load in SNMP the average of the load on all CPU's for that virtual system?



CPU Graph

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