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Running the tcpdump on warp interface in VSX Gateway

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Hi ,

If i will run the tcpdump in warp interface (which is source interface ) will i get the echo request and echo reply (Generating ping packet) ? 

For example if source server a.b.c.d routing  through  wrp220 interface  and destination : e.f.g.h is directly connected showing through eth3-03 interface and if i run tcpdump in VS5 as below 


tcpdump -i wrp220 -nn host a.b.c.d and host e.f.g.h . Should i get the echo request and echo reply both the packet with this command ? 


if i run this command through "any" interface then it will show as below 

tcpdump -i any  -nn host a.b.c.d and host e.f.g.h.

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