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Route Incoming external traffic over VPN



I am struggling with routing external incoming traffic that is coming from the External Interface via a VPN tunnel?

The traffic flow should be:

External IP --> External GW published IP  --> Static NAT to internal dst IP --> VPN Tunnel --> dst 


To explain shortly - incoming traffic from external IP is hitting the GW published IP (via Proxy ARP) and NATed to an internal address which should be routed via the VPN.

I added the External IP address to the VPN domain but still the Traffic is not routed over the VPN but going out back via the external interface 

There is a static NAT to translate the external dst IP address to the Internal dst IP address which should go to the VPN 

External IP --> External GW  IP 

External IP --> Internal dst IP  

however the traffic goes back via the External Interface 

Any SK or a idea how to tackle this issue?



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