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R81 Open Server Gen V Sizing

@Timothy_Hall @Magnus_Holmberg @HeikoAnkenbrand 


Greetings gents...hope this post finds you well.

Hoping you guys can assist.

A client of mine wants to replace their Cisco ASA w/ Check Point - currently their network is flat and the ASA is just an Internet perimeter firewall.

I was looking at using R81 on Open Server and it will be in a Data Center and Internet perimeter role.

Basically there will be 5 unique network segments: servers, clients, WiFi guest, Internet and CluxterXL Sync.

The servers and clients segments will be 10Gb interfaces and most of the blades will be enabled Identity Awareness, IPS, AV, Antibot, VPN, HTTPS Inspection, Threat Emulation, Threat Extraction, essentially Gen V security.

Internet will be around 400Mbps symmetrical.


What hardware spec and software core count would you use in the above scenario?




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