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R80.x Ports Used for Communication by Various Check Point Modules


This drawing should give you an overview of the used R80 and R77 ports respectively communication flows. It should give you an overview of how different Check Point modules communicate with each other. Furthermore, services that are used for firewall operation are also considered. These firewall services are also partially mapped as implied rules in the set on the firewall.




Download: R80.x Ports Used for Communication PDF (new R80.30 version)


More interesting articles:

- R80.x Architecture and Performance Tuning - Link Collection
- Article list (Heiko Ankenbrand)


Support Center: Ports used by Check Point software 



Version 1.7:
+ v1.7a R81 EA update 17.07.2020
+ v1.7b bug fix 20.08.2020

old Version 1.6:
+ v1.6a add Azure ports 05.05.2020
+ v1.6b add all cloud ports 15.06.2020

old Version 1.5:
+ v1.5a typos corrected 18.09.2019
+ v1.5b port update 26.01.2020

old version 1.4:
+ v1.4a bug fix, update port 1701 udp L2TP 09.04.2018
+ v1.4b bug fix 15.04.2018
+ v1.4c CPUSE update 17.04.2018
+ v1.4d legend fixed 17.04.2018
+ v1.4e add SmartLog and SmartView on port 443 20.04.2018
+ v1.4f bug fix 21.05.2018
+ v1.4g bug fix 25.05.2018
+ v1.4h add Backup ports 21, 22, 69 UDP and ClusterXL full sync port 256  30.05.2018
+ v1.4i add port 259 udp VPN link probeing 12.06.2018
+ v1.4j bug fix 17.06.2018
+ v1.4k add  OSPF/BGP route Sync 25.06.2018
+ v1.4l bug fix routed 29.06.2018
+ v1.4m bug fix tcp/udp ports 03.07.2018
+ v1.4n add port 256 13.07.2018
+ v1.4o bug fix / add TE ports 27.11.2018
+ v1.4p bug fix routed port 2010 23.01.2019
+ v1.4q change to new forum format 16.03.2019

old version 1.3:
+ v1.3a new designe (blue, gray), bug fix, add netflow, new names 27.03.2018
+ v1.3b add routing ports, bug fix designe 28.03.2018
+ v1.3c bug fix, rename ports (old) 29.03.2018
+ v1.3d bug fix 30.03.2018
+ v1.3e fix issue L2TP UDP port 1701

old version 1.1:
+ v1.1a - added r80.xx ports 16.03.2018
+ v1.1b - bug in drawing fixed 17.03.2018
+ v1.1c - add RSA, TACACS, Radius 19.03.2018
+ v1.1d - add 900, 259 Client-auth - deleted od 4.0 ports 20.03.2018
+ v1.1e - add OPSEC -delete R55 ports 21.03.2018
+ v1.1f - bug fix 22.03.2018
+ v1.1g - bug fix - add mail smtp -add dhcp - add snmp 25.03.2018



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No. Security Management Server also needs TCP8211 to connect to log server.

This is not explained in sk52421 but this is what I noticed it on my R80.10 management platform Smiley Happy. If I remember, if TCP8211 if not open, then SmartLog (on the management server) cannot browse logs stored on the log server.



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Ok, thx. I add the port to the next drawing.



I add the authentication ports to the next drawing.




You're welcome

Maybe you could propose your drawing to R&D ^^

Smiley Happy



Hi Hugu,

I have added the following services:

-  Radius





Maybe you can consolidate the 2 RADIUS servers 😉


Nice drawing.

Can you include the communication for an external log server?

As next step I added client authentication ports 

900 and 259.



Why the arrow for FW1 in left part of Smart Center is pale grey? Because it is for old software only, I suppose. Maybe it would be a good thing to delete it at all, as version 4 is way out of support. Or your intend is to include all known ports which are visible in services?

I saw one version with legend for the drawing, with explanations of why colors for arrows are different. I think it would be better to have it on the drawing. Does it add too much tricky situations? But then why there are different colors of arrows? Smiley Happy

- add 900, 259 Client-Auth

- deleted old 4.0 ports Smiley Happy




Add Mobile Access Blade Ports.
Thanks in advance!

Version 1.1e:

- add OPSEC
- delete R55 ports




This is awesome, really well presented. Thanks!


udp_1645 is also radius authentification (both GW and SC)

syslog udp_514 (both GW and SC)

snmp udp_161 snmp monitoring (both GW and SC)

snmp-trap udp_162 snmp-trap (both GW and SC)

What is "IA" inside GW and DashBoard ?

Kind regards,
Jozko Mrkvicka

Identity Awareness

I add syslog, SMTP and snmp in the next version.




It's very helpful! 


I really like the overview.

Can you add end point communication ports?

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There is also ICMP ping between members of cluster for lowest / highest VLAN checking.

What about DHCP ? udp_67, udp_68 ? Communication for DHCP server / Client.

In case backups from GW or SC are set, relevant ports are ftp, ssh (scp), tfp towards backup server / management.

Access to GUI DashBoard is done via CPMI and access to CMA / SMS via GuiDBedit is done via tcp_18190. (maybe you can add PC at very left, it will represent end user PC with SmartConsole installed)

Not sure if IGMP is relevant here, but this is also passing between GW nodes.

PS: The legend field (in purple) at the bottom of the drawing is not visible at all. Looks it is just picture inserted ?

Kind regards,
Jozko Mrkvicka

It's done.




Routing ports are also good e.g. for BGP, OSPF, RIP,...

Heiko Ankenbrand, here are my suggestions on design and blocks placement. You can take any ideas from it that you like. I can also provide my visio file to you.

It's a draft version, so there might be some mistakes in it compared to the Heiko's original. And I might have misinterpreted some ideas of communications there.


Great effort by the community in generating this diagram, I must say.

However, I have one small correction to offer.

In R77.30 and earlier, SmartConsole actually queries AD directly when creating access roles.

In R80+, this is not the case.

Source for this is the following SK: No items are found when using user selection in access roles 

I might also suggest documenting the "source SKs" for the information in the diagram as well.


Suggest to add snmp/ntp versions, syslog and netflow.

Security Solutions Expert for Global Strategic Partners GSI/MSP/Telco & Consultancy Firms

Great initiative indeed ! 

good to see such work in the community !

Hi Michel,

In the original version I already have snmp, ntp and syslog:

v1.1g - bug fix - add mail smtp -add dhcp - add snmp 25.03.2018

Thanks for the tip with netflow. I'll add it to the next version.



Hi Michel,

I had add netflow.



Hi Aleksei,

I had changed the designe to blue/grey in version 1.3. Smiley Happy