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R80.40 VSX VSLS (JHF Take 77) on Openservers has Multi-Queue and SMT enabled

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Hi All,

I've just upgraded a 6 member VSX VSLS cluster from R80.10 to R80.40.

Before the upgrade there was no multi-queue or SMT configuration.
Whilst multi-queue was supported on R80.10 because of the ixgbe driver, I did not have it configured.
SMT was well known to not be supported on Openservers, so also not configured.

The hardware for each member is HP ProLiant DL380p Gen 8.

After upgrading to R80.40, to my surprise I suddenly found 32 CPU cores instead of 16 CPU cores, and that every interface had automatic multi-queues.

The documentation suggests that both SMT and multi-queue are items you have to 'decide' to enable.

So, given I've not chosen to enable these myself... Is R80.40 now supporting SMT and automatically enabling it?

Each VSX Gateway in the cluster only has a license for 16 Cores, so I don't know how that affects this also.

cpconfig has no options to disable hyper-threading.


Is anyone else seeing this as a default behaviour?

Is this behaviour to do with the new 'automatic resource allocation' features?

Many thanks,



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