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R80.40 Custom VPN Domain not working as expected


running R80.40 latest T78 and yesterday had an issue with a new VPN site.

I'm using the newly introduced custom VPN Domains, which allows for only specific encryption domain advertisements to the partner site, so I thought.



Default VPN Domain: Multitude of networks, including not including

Custom VPN Domain configured: as a network object. This object is standalone and not used anywhere else.

The default VPN Domain does not include the network object.

VPN tunnel sharing is set to: by subnet

Q2 proposal fails: We are offering, if a hosts from our side initiates the tunnel. Expected behavior, imho would be to have proposed as our encryption domain.

Adding to the default VPN domain fixes this issue.

So just to be clear, this custom VPN domain is only a "filter" and not an explicit "setting", or am I missing something?



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