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R80.20 - New FW Monitor inspection points

here are new fw monitor inspection points available for "fw monitor":


Inspection point Name of fw monitor inspection point Relation to firewall VM Available since version
i Pre-Inbound Before the inbound FireWall VM             (for example, eth1:i) always
I Post-Inbound After the inbound FireWall VM                (for example, eth1:I) always
id Pre-Inbound VPN Inbound before decrypt                          (for example, eth1:id) R80.20
iD Post-Inbound VPN Inbound after decrypt                             (for example, eth1:ID) R80.20
iq Pre-Inbound QoS Inbound before QoS                               (for example, eth1:iq) R80.20
iQ Post-Inbound QoS Inbound after QoS                                  (for example, eth1:IQ) R80.20
o Pre-Outbound Before the outbound FireWall VM          (for example, eth1:o) always
O Post-Outbound After the outbound FireWall VM             (for example, eth1:O) always
e Pre-Outbound VPN Outbound before encrypt                       (for example, eth1:e) R80.10
E Post-Outbound VPN Outbound after encrypt                          (for example, eth1:E) R80.10
oq Pre-Outbound QoS Outbound before QoS                           (for example, eth1:oq) R80.20
oQ Post-Outbound QoS Outbound after QoS                              (for example, eth1:OQ) R80.20


For more informations revert to article R80.x Performance Tuning and Debug Tips – fw monitor

or see sk30583 and How to use FW Monitor.

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