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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

R80.20 MTA logging and monitoring enhancements

This is available with R80.20 Mgmt & MTA running on R80.20 GW

1) MTA Logs

Within your logs you now get Postfix logs in the GUI - just filter for blade:MTA

You can see mail queue ID and even the E-Mail headers in the log.

Also it is possible to see all logs tied to an email by setting the "Original Queue ID" as a filter:

In the sample above yoou can see that the email logged as MTA log also created a TE log.

2) MTA Monitoring

You get new Views in SmartEvent.

a)  MTA Overview

General statistics about mail processing. Note that almost all graphs are clickable to drill-down to the relevant logs:

b) MTA Live Monitoring

Here you can get a live view and statistics about your MTA queue. You can even manipulate items in the Postfix queue:

c)  MTA  Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot errors that appeared while processing emails:

Again you can drill-down by clicking the graphs/items:



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