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R80.10 R80.30 migration

Hi all,

Maybe some help on my issue :

I have 2 SG (5200 appliances), 1 SMS and 1 SmartEvent (both on VmWare vm), all of them running on R80.10.

I'd like to migrate to R80.30. For now, i have build up 2 new vms from scratch, with iso R80.30_T200 (with differents IP) and installed the SmartConsole. Added the SmartEvent server.

I thought I could update the 2 SG (HA mode) with CPUSE (R80.30 Fresh Install and Upgrade for SG and Standalone).

Failover the ClusterXL, migrate the standby SG, switch to the active one, migrate, and reactive the ClusterXL.

But, if this is correct, when should I add the appliances to the SmartConsole R80.30 ? And what about the database and licences ?


Thanks for any advice !

PS ; Sorry for my bad english, i'm french 🙂

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