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Quantum SD-WAN features planned for v1.0 release with R81.20+

Hello --  it was exciting during recent Y2022 SKO to hear more details about upcoming Quantum SD-WAN release.

Searches through past posts on checkmates are understandably ambiguous.

Where can we find a definitive lists of SD-WAN features (and caveats) with the initial v1.0 release?  

I have customers in two different silos: 

(a) have existing SD-WAN solutions and at renewal point where new hardware may be required,

(b) need SD-WAN solution to benefit from the dynamic link and route selection.

  • If customer comes to me with requirements, how do I map to Checkpoint SD-WAN functionality in yet-to-be-released product?
  • Alternatively, how can I convince similar customer to enter Checkpoint SD-WAN EA who has a baseline of functional requirements?

I am very familiar with the prior Checkpoint Edge Connect strategy with VNF running on 3rd party sd-wan vendor hardware virtual platform.

Some questions:

  1. many existing SD-WAN solutions include concept of "controller" -- often cloud-based -- with various network metrics maintained about customer SD-WAN platform.    Will Checkpoint have similar based in Infinity Cloud?
  2. will Checkpoint include SD-WAN "instance" for use with cloud services of Azure, AWS, and/or GCP?
  3. since this all software, I assume the SD-WAN EA would be simply a specific build of GAIA.   will there be any particular model and/or interface requirements?
  4. Will there be any glaring caveats with v1.0 release.   example:   "most SD-WAN industry players provide functionality A-B-C but our initial release will only include A and B".  
  5. Network segmentation options?
  6. does road map vision include features of (a) web app plug-ins and/or development libraries, and (b) browser plugins that will allow operations folks to monitor specifics of end-user experience for web applications passing over sd-wan platform (where rubber meets the road and real value realized).   this allows for develop team to identify performance issues and end-user support folks to identify latency and content delivery problems.

Thanks -GA


reference posts on SD-WAN:

(1)  TECH TALK SEPT 2019 .   some good Q&A.


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updates for information collected since original post:

Signup for SD-WAN EA announcement mailing list.



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more SD-WAN announcement details from CPX 2022


search "sd-wan" on the following page:


neak Preview: Quantum SD-WAN Best Security and SD-WAN Combined

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Product Manager
Check Point

Justin Sowder
Solution Architect
Check Point






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While you've linked what we've shared publicly here, let me elaborate (hopefully with help from @Aviv_Abramovich )

1. Our "controller" will be part of the Infinity Portal, yes.

2. My understanding is that you can use any physical or virtual gateway that supports the relevant code version. That means any supported physical or virtual appliance. Quantum SMB appliances are not supported currently, though it is planned for later.

3. I believe the EA will be based on R81.10 (but could be wrong about that).

4. I'll let @Aviv_Abramovich comment on this one as well as the roadmap question (6). 

5. I presume anything you can do with a normal security gateway will be an option with our SD-WAN offering.