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Proxy Arp Question

Hello CP community,

I have a question about when to use proxy arp. I have a cluster setup with manual nat. Traffic from a specific external IP that resides on the same external subnet going to the cluster's eth1.101 external VIP will get natted to an internal host on the cluster's eth0.100 VLAN. Vice-versa, the host replying to this traffic will have its internal eth0.100 VLAN addresses natted to the cluster's external eth1.101  VIP.

Is there a requirement for proxy arp or is the latter only used if it is an IP that is not defined on any cluster member interface or the clusterXL's VIP?


Original SrcOriginal DstOriginal SrvTranslated SrcTranslated DstTranslated Srv (VIP)anyOriginal192.168.1.10 (internal host)Original (internal host) (VIP)


Thanks in advance.

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