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Possible to use GAIA as dhcp server and vlan on one ethernet port?


I small question but maybe many answers to this?

Sorry if this is the wrong folder / place to ask, but it is related to GAIA. And I do think it is related to both R77.30 and R80.10.

Okay, we have a subsidiary company placed in EU with very few employees.

The just want to use wifi. I've got a CP2200 left over from one of the other subsidiary company also placed in EU, becuase of an CP upgrade to R80.10.

So instead of placing too much equipment on location and to limit troubleshooting time, I would only need my CP2200 + a Cisco Air 1832i wifi controller/access point.

I will need to provide two SSID. One SSID for staff and another for Guests. 

The CP2200 would have eth1 was WAN, and eth2 go directly to Cisco Air 1832i.

How can I use the CP2200 to provide DHCP for both staff and guest networks, and be able to connect site2site vpn between HQ and the subsidiary company?

Can I create two VLAN and DHCP scope on the CP2200?

I have seen guides on the internet using Clish to configure VLANs, but I haven't been able to find a explanation on how to add DHCP pool on each VLAN..

Possible another solution could might be to just defind staff network on eth2, and configure wifi guest with DHCP on the AIR 1832i wifi controller.

I hope this make sense of what I want to achieve.  



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