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Poor MS Teams quality, what can we do?

Hello Check Mates, 

a weird issueiam encountering more and more often these days, costumers are complaining about poor MS Teams quality or other poor VoIP applications performance.

for example MS Teams.

with this tool:

and a powerful Excel PowerBI it is possible to do extensive research on your local MS Teams calls. i dont want to go into the details of this tool but it creates a visual output like this. Here are all MS Teams for one tenant within a specific subnet.


at the beginning we focused on the Jitter / Latency part.
Of course the firewall which has to do packetinspection / AV, ABot all that stuff, this will most propably cause delay.
so i created an empty IPS Profile to match the MS Teams connection and additionally some FAST ACCEL rules for the same IP connections. this happend at 22-05-03, after that u can see a decline in the Jitter/Latency! A good start.
Also people said it had helped so far.

but still we have to deal with packetloss. As you can see in the grafic packetoss is way to high!

any ideas to improve it any further?
sometimes the workaround with empty IPS and FAST ACCEL dosnt work for some customers, still the user experience is bad.

We see:
+ no high cpu
+ no outtages during policy installs
+ no overutilization of the internet line
+ no drops on the FW regarding MS Teams or Cisco Jabber

for Cisco Jabber the quality over client VPN is especially bad, people moved back to use mobile phones in the homeoffice instead of the softphone applications.

perhaps you have also encountering the same ...
best regards


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