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Playing with benchmarking tools, is there a preferred direction???

Hello Check Pointers, 

i have a question, maybe you can enlighten me with your experience on benchmarking and performance tuning ...

I have an old firewall, OpenServer, 4 CPU´s no blades, just FW enabled. During working hours its totaly overloaded, only SecureXL keeps it alive :-).
Out of working hours the load is of course very low and we achive 1G wire speed, yes really!
But during working hours, the speed from LAN to DMZ is horrible, other way is "good" 
Yes sure the firewall has reached its end, a replacement is planned!

When we do a benchmark,  we use NetIO, not the best i know, but pretty common in the geman speaking world, we see some connections are ALWAYS much faster then others.

LAN -> DMZ is always SLOW
DMZ -> LAN is always FAST

i have a quick drawing.




Overall Question, why is a benchmark from LAN to DMZ bad and a test DMZ to LAN good?
Is a prefered direction existing?

The benchmark tool uses the same SRC & DST Ports for both directions. UDP & TCP
You see we have different MTU and different Load Sharing Settings on the Interfaces. (Firewall has L3+4 distribution, Switch L2)
Different port speeds causing different Window Size?
Bond on LAN interface is Onboard Nic and BroadCom, a double NoGo 🙂

I know this is way to less information to get a precise answer ... 
But besides of replacing this firewall hardware what are your thoughts on this?

best regards



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