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PCoIP connectivity issues when installing policy, R80.20

We have a newly upgraded 15000 Appliance Cluster to R80.20 T47, only Firewall and IA blades are activated on this cluster.
We did not have this issues before with r77.30, 

Now when we install policy, all VDI (PCoIP) connections are disrupted, some close totally and some reconnects but still gets disconnected. It seems to happen when it has been longer than about 1h after the latest install, if an installation is done in 20-30 minutes since the last one we don´t seem to get the issue.

I've tested to increase the "end timeout R80" global setting from 5 to 20 as it was before but still the same issue is occurring. I cannot see anything unusual in the logs och anything with a zdebug drop. 

I'll troubleshoot with TAC on monday but wanted to see if anyone has any ideas on what this could be caused by and what more to check?


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