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Occasional packet loss due to CPU Spike on R77.30

Platform: 23500
Version: R77.30 T216
Hyperthreading: Disabled
Blades: Only FW (No other blade enabled)
CoreXL: 8/12 Split (SND/Workers)
Acceleration (SXL): 98%
Multi Queue is enabled on two high throughput (10G) interfaces. Total of 4 queues.
The RX drops on these 2 interfaces are about 0.00005%.
TX/TX buffer on the 2 interfaces are 512/1024.

Typical throughput is about 1-2Gbps, occasional spikes 4-5Gbps.
Occasional packet loss has been reported and we notice CPU spikes 80-90% at the time of packet loss. The first 4 cores (used for SND/MQ) typically runs around 40-50% but at peak throughput goes to 70-80%.
At the time of packet loss, we also notice some workers cores going above 80%, but this is not always the case. Sometimes at peak throughput all workers are close 100% idle, while the 4 MQ cores are over 80%.

This firewall is doing file transfers. Looking at the "Top Connections" in "CPview" at the time of peak traffic, we noticed some connections using 0.8 to 1.5Gbps.

Not sure what needs to be changed.
Is the upgrade to R80.20 would help?
What about changing the interface buffer size?
What about assigning more cores to MQ?

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