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OSPF drops on cluster failover since R81.10 upgrade from R80.30


After upgrading from R80.30 to R81.10 (active/standby ClusterXL) we have found that whenever the cluster is failed over we loose OSPF and advertised routes. This was working fine when on R80.30 with the same clish config with the router-ID set as the VIP on both cluster members.  When under stable conditions, we do see the OSPF routes sync'd to standby but historically if we did "show ospf neighbors" we would see the same as on the active.  Now we see none on the standby.  After a few min on either side of the cluster everything is fine again, is just upon failover for a few min things drop

Is there some other config or anything required for on R81.10?  I didn't notice anything in the clusterXL or advanced routing admin guides.


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