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NEW-RADIUS traffic drop

Dear all,

First of all - I am no checkpoint guru so there could be something elementary that I've missed. But, I'm configuring EAP-TLS communication between my WLC (Cisco) & RADIUS (NPS in DMZ). Please note the object is referencing the DMZ IP-address. I've created a rule for NEW-RADIUS traffic between the two objects to accept traffic, but I can still see drops. 

1. From the Smartconsole in the 'Logs & Monitor' section I notice that the drop is missing a reference to a specific rule. 

2. When I enabled ICMP echo-request the behaviour was the same, dropped traffic without a reference to a access rule. 


If you have any tips, suggestions or if you need additional information - please let me know 🙂

I'll await your kind reply,


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