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NAT issue


I have an issue with NAT to access to interne service from internet.

I have a server wich run sftp service, it's in the subnet A

I have also a reverseProxy wich is in an other subnet B.

So when query arrive from internet on public ip address, Checkpoint NAT it to the reversproxy, and the reverse proxy forward to the internal server.

But, It doesn't work.
when I check the log, I see pass log from external ip address to my public ip address, it's good for me.

But, I also see a query from external ip address to my serveur sftp (internal) while I just tap public ip address :22, with state "Detect"

I put a pic, it's from internet, Ip_nat_176 it's my public ip and sftp_10 it's internal serveur

Have you any ideas to help me ?

Thank you

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