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Multiple ISP traffic Segregation


I have 2 ISPs ( ISP-1 and ISP-2) that are doing load sharing.  My DNS and WEB proxy are Nated to ISP-1 public IPs (ex. DNS=ISP-1 Public IP:  x.x.x.1 ; WEB = ISP-1 Public IP:  x.x.x.2) .

Recently we got another ISP (ISP-3), and we need to make sure that this ISP is only used by a specific Service( ex. access to portal and no other traffic passes through this link.


 I have a total bandwidth of 60Mbps, i would like to reserve 10 Mbps for VPN, 10 Mbps for mail, etc. How do I guarantee that i will always have this bandwidth for this services?  


Mauro de Sousa

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