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Mobile Access VPN users can't reach Internal network

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Hi Guys,

I'm currently facing an issue whereby my mobile access VPN users couldn't reach to my Internal network but DMZ network is fine. E.g. I couldn't ping but can ping Seeking advise on which part of my configuration is wrong.

CP configuration:

Mobile Access > Office mode (172.16.9.x) and DNS server is configured in the optional parameter already.

Policy:- Src: Access Roles (local users), Dst: DMZ_Net (, INT_Net ( , Service: Any,  Allow

Routing:- Dst Network:, Gateway: (FG interface)


FG configuration:

Policy: Incoming Interface: External (, Outgoing Interface: Internal (172.16.0.x) Src: All, Dst:, Service: All, Allow

Routing:, Gateway: (CP interface)


Ping test case: (mobile access vpn user) ping failed! (mobile access vpn user) ping successful! 




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