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Magic decoder ring for setting CoreXL Virtual system instances in VSX

Hi everyone!

Is anyone aware of a decoder ring to determine how to configure/tune the virtual system instances value for a given VS when migrating real hardware into a VS instance?

For example, I have a (active/passive clustered) 26k gateway that, on average, floats between 40 and 60 percent of CPU load at any given moment.  And on rare occasion, we'll see peaks to nearly 80%.

In the coming months we'll be migrating the workload on that gateway to a security group in a Maestro backed VSX instance that's going to live on 3 28600's.

We're going to have three additional instances living on the security group.  2 of those instances will be minor players.  The 3rd instance will be a moderate player.

So taking all of that into consideration, how do you figure out how to configure CoreXL for each VS instance when you have live data from real hardware to look at?

And oh yeah, keeping that value in check across all of the instances so there's still room to grow.

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