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MVC R81.10 VSX VSLS Upgrade


So am trying to do some MVC upgrades to R81.10 on VSX VSLS but am managing to get strange statuses.
For the first box it works like a charm, but when i do second member i end up in active / active / down and similar statuses.
This is a test environment running open servers and only 2 test VS.



So process i have been doing is.

1: vsx_util upgrade
2: upgrade M3 with cpuse, (no HFA applied)
3: cphaconf mvc on

Here it currently has default policy.
Status Active on M3 GW and down on VS

4: Install policy on VSX Cluster
Successful on upgraded member and fail on none upgraded. 

When upgrading M2 and have done the above on that one aswell.
I start to get the none wanted statuses on the VS.
Ofc i can disable interfaces in the infrastructure so active / active dosn´t matter.

What you guys recommending, adding the HFA before the mvc etc?

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