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License/Contracts Warnings

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Hello experts,

I need to install a new policy on a standalone gateway running R80.30, when publish&install i receive the error in the picture "One or more of the Access Control blades have and expired contract or contract about to expired..... The license expiration date is on 12/18/2021 in a few days and on the next days i would migrate to a new CP Gateway with new license.

Kindly confirm if i can proceed with the following options or which one is the best, ( i need to install the policy so an external user can connect to an internal production server ASAP).

1)Proceed to install the policy, will affect the URL Filtering and Application Control Blades or this is just a warning and would take effect on when finally expired on 12/18/2021

2)Shall i put a new license and then would be able to use that license on the new Gateway Appliance when delivered by mail?

3) If i request and evaluation license that would work or there's a way to request a 1 month extension?



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