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LOM access issue

Hey guys,

I hope someone might be able to point us in the right direction here. We have a customer running 6200 cluster (R81.10 jumbo 78) and though LOM access was configured probably 2 years ago, today was first time I tried using it, due to uinexpected lockup of backup cluster member. 

Now, I attached 3 screenshots of what I see. So, access via VPN is fine, but when trying to launch java, thats where issue happens. I also had 2 of my colleagues try on different OS versions, multiple browsers, no luck. Now, customer was able to launch java on his end, BUT, after putting admin to log in, it never gave prompt for password, so we simply ended up powercycling the box from the LOM menu.

I dont believe there is a way to actually update firmware without rebooting the appliance, so wondering if anyone may have an idea how to fix this without doing anything drastic, such as involvement of cpstop;cpstart or reboot?

Cheers and thanks in advance as always!

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