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Issues with Identity Sharing (r80.30 jumbo228)

Hi community!

we have this costumer, and we are experiencing some issues with identity sharing.

they have 2 locations with checkpoint gateways.


GT1 and Cluster-1.

GT1 and Cluster-1 are connected via MPLS

we noticed when a user connects on GT1 using Endpoint Client, and authenticates with an AD user, the identity is not shared to Cluster-1, and so this person cannot access the resource that is behind Cluster-1.

BUT, when they use a local user that was created on GT1, and connects to the VPN the identity is shared to Cluster-1 and they can access the resource.

both Cluster-1 and GT1 are managed by the same management server, and both are on R80.30 J228.


I´m attaching a screenshot, where you can see, the local user is shared to the PEP, but the AD user is not.

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