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Issue in Identity Awareness Portal (Browser Based Auth)

Hi guys!

There´s a issue in new schema of the Identity Awareness (Browser Based Authentication)

The custom logo img appears broken in v.80.30 (upgrading from v80.20).

I discovered this issue when reactivating this feature.

The problem is that the page call for a cp_logo_.png, but the file is cp_logo.png.

If you want to change the custom (or factory logo - Checkpoint) you must edit the filename via cli, because the Checkpoint saves the wrong name (cp_logo.png) when installs the Policy.

Page calling a file named cp_logo_.png:

Screenshot from 2021-06-24 17-45-37.png

Filename wrong (cp_logo_1.png):

Screenshot from 2021-06-24 17-47-50.png

Correcting the filename: notice the custom_compnay._logo.png(!)

Screenshot from 2021-06-24 17-50-41.png




That´s all for now.




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