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Is Show configuration output oreder is correct


i am working on some automation for FW installation.

one step is connecting to the FW with SSH and run the clish command to set the configuration needed.

my template is based on "show configuration" of a working config.

what i noticed is that after i finished the conifiguration and also install policy all the vlan interface on my Bond are missing.

"show configuration" show everything is configured well

"ifconfig" shows only the bond interface and not bond1.20 interface for example.

the webUI show that those sub-interface at "Type:unknown"

after some try and test i moved the part of the clish template that set the physical interface state on and adding them to the relevant bond group before those sub interface created. this change fixed the issue now the webUI show those interface are "Type:Vlan" as expected.

i am running R77.30

have you found more issues like this with the command order that "show configuration" output ?

i think R&D did not check this scenario

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