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Initialize SIC from Gateway

Hi guys,


I am going to do some checkups for various entities. I have central management with public IP. The end entities have probably own firewall, usually DHCP public address, or even worse they are behind several hide NAT. Simply said there is not possible to open connection from MGMT to Checkup device.


In ideal case I would like to bring checkup device to end customer, configure one interface with access to internet, rename the GW according the Customer Name, create SIC from gateway in DAIP mode and collect logs on MGMT (finally I'll do Checkup report with filter to Origin).


In worst case I am able to create SIC for DAIP in my office and then bring Checkup device to end customer. What is exactly written in SIC certificate? Is it possible to rename gateway in management without reinitialize SIC. I would like to filter report based on Origin? (there is no way to reinitialize SIC when GW is moved between end customers).


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