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Inbound HTTPS inspection with Site Category

Hi, I'm trying to use inbound https inspection with site category but I'm getting this error:


Internal system error in HTTPS Inspection (Error Code: 2)


If I remove the site category the inspection works fine, but this is not an option for me since all of my domains points to the same webserver.

My goal is to create a custom site+rule with the corresponding certificate for every domain.

This is the rule:

Captura de pantalla 2020-05-13 a las 12.07.57.png

I'm using a non-standard port since the gateway is in AWS and the traffic is received from a load balancer. I have added the port in the Application Control & URL filtering Advanced Settings but the error persist.

It's necessary to enable the Application Control and/or URL filtering blades on the gateway for this to work? When I have tryed it I get the error "URL filtering blade is not responding" and I can not install policy.


Any hint will be apprecieted, thank you





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